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UFC Title Challenger Sean Strickland Says He Would “Take Bradley Martyn’s Life” With His Bare Hands

Sean Strickland is an absolute maniac. The man challenging Israel Adesanya for the Undisputed UFC Middleweight Championship of the world on Saturday night in Sydney, Australia is a walking soundbite. He doesn‘t hold back whatsoever and goes up to the podium for media and does a borderline standup bit while preaching about fixing America or whatever is on his mind at the moment.

Bradley Martyn is a very successful YouTube/Podcaster/Entrepreneur who has now built up a reputation amongst the MMA world for being the guy that says he could beat everyone in a fight. It started with a debate on whether he could beat up Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, who many consider the greatest flyweight MMA fighter of all time and one of the pound for pound greatest fighters of all time. For the record Mighty Mouse is about 5’3 and walks around probably 140-150 ish pounds but has incredibly high level of jiu-jitsu, wrestling and striking. Bradley Martyn is over 6 ft tall and weighs 260 pounds but to his credit is in great shape and absolutely jacked. Now that doesn’t necessarily help in a street fight if the skill gap is that wide but worth noting for the sake of the discussion. It started with Mighty Mouse than went on to ask the same question to Nate Diaz who laughed in his face at the idea of fighting him. “You’re a podcaster brother” was his exact quote. So subtly disrespectful but completely fair given both of their fighting accolades. 

Now Sean Strickland wants the smoke and I can assure you Bradley Martyn wants no part of it. Sean Strickland is 6’1 200+ pounds if he’s not cutting weight and legitimately LOVES to fight. He’s such a savage to train literally all he does is spar. He spends hours on hours everyday of his life fist fighting. Sean Strickland is capable of taking Bradley Martyn‘s life if he so chooses. He meant every word he said. Mighty Mouse is one thing (I think MM chokes Bradley out), but Sean Strickland is a different animal. He would pummel him. He would beat him to a pulp. I get being big, strong and athletic but MMA fighters (especially ones fighting for championship belts) are cut from a completely different cloth. They‘re literally trained killers. They’re modern day gladiators. If I’m Bradley Martyn I’m using that clip and getting a restraining order instantly to insure my life. Bradley has far too much money, subscribers, followers to die from trying to get clicks by asking MMA fighters if they think he could beat them up. Be smart Bradley. Sean Strickland isn’t the one.  

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