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Maniac Mike McDaniel Mocks Brandon Staley Despite Losing To The Chargers' Backup Defense Last Season

One of the more frustrating things over the last couple years has been the Dolphins fanbase of lunatics. The sports media world has manipulated them so badly that they have more hatred for both the Chargers and Bengals than their own divisional opponents. They did this by praying on their obvious insecurities around Tua being objectively inferior to both Burrow and Herbert. This is fine because all fans are dumb (myself included) and want to argue about how their guy is better than the other. But now it seems that this has leaked over to the jumpy brain of Mike McDaniel. 

McDaniel mocking the "Brandon Staley plan" is weird but only because it's coming from him. Without a doubt, Staley is an easy target. His fumbling of the raiders tie-and-we're-both-in game, letting the Jaguars overcome a 27-point deficit, 4th down stuff and whatever else you want to mention. So for the 99.9% of people out there that want to take shots, fire away. Andy Reid wants to write a whole dis track on him, I say power to him. But here is the thing. McDaniel LOST to Staley. Not only that but Staley's defense was missing Bosa, Derwin James, DT1 Sebastian Joseph-Day, Slot CB Bryce Callahan. All of those bodies missing and the Chargers held Tua to his worst ever game as a pro. 

Not to mention Herbert set his career high in completions (39) en-route to a 367 yard, 1 TD game playing through fractured rib cartilage and likely a torn labrum(the team never revealed which game the tear was but it was in the back half of the season). 

If you're a Dolphins fan reading this, listen up before you get mad. 

Your team is good. Tua is good quarterback. Your defense with Fangio in charge might end up top-5 in the league this year. McDaniel is also a great offensive mind and good coach with the exception of this and throwing his clearly concussed franchise QB back into the frying pan. You should be directing all your rage, pride and online trolling directly at the AFC East.

But here is the bottom line, shit rolls downhill. You can't talk shit if you lost and you definitely can't talk shit if you gave up the football version of a shorthanded goal vs the Chargers decimated defense.