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A Girl Is Going Viral For Her 10 Relationship Rules And The Haters Are Saying They're Toxic And Controlling

Ah...young love. These two kids (ages 21 and 22) have it all figured out. They've cracked the code to a happy and successful relationship. So simple and easy that she can casually lay out the 10 rules while filming a GMRW. Makeup on, likes up, hearts aligned. In case you don't want to listen to her sermon you can read each rule below

1. Both always have their phone location turned on

This is a dating trend that has started with technological advances. Everyone is always worried about the government, Bezos, and Zuck tracking your every movement, but if the FBI really wanted to know everything about you they'd hire a 20-something woman. This girl says that the tracking is for safety. That way your dick doesn't accidentally fall into a place where it shouldn't be and she doesn't have to murder you. Good rule. 

2. No strip clubs

That's someone's daughter. That's gross. Good rule.

3. 'Girls trips' or 'boys trips' are allowed

Have yourself a nice trip so long as your significant other knows when you've cross the street or come within 100ft of a strip club. Good rule. 

4. No liking 'thirst trap' photos on Instagram 

More relationship fights have happened over instagram than any one thing in history. Glance at the pictures as you scroll, but a like is a leer. You can't leer in public so you can't leer on the platform. Good rule.

5. Don't follow Instagram models of the opposite sex 

What are you trying to do? Make your significant other feel insecure because you follow a girl with enormous jams? Sorry, Emily Elizabeth. Take your gigantic perfect tits and get off my feed. And stay off. Good rule. 

6. Both can have friends of the opposite sex - but they can't be best friends 

I've never had or wanted a girl best friend. I do know that if you have a girl best friend you do want to bang her. That is a fact. It's crossed your mind. Same for girls. The rule needs to be *you can't have a best friend of the opposite sex that is conventionally attractive*. "Eww he/she is like my brother/sister" has been a lie every single time unless that person in question is objective ugly. Good rule, with ugly modifier.

7. Both can go to nightclubs

Replace clubs with dark irish pubs and we have a good rule. Clubs are trash. 

8. Both know each other's phone passwords

"Trust, but verify"--Ronald Reagan, and he won the cold war and married a woman who was famous in Hollywood for the world's greatest blowjobs. You don't do that without verifying.

9. Porn isn't allowed to be watched  

Duh. Can't just be cumming willy nilly with your seamen going digital. It belongs to her. Good rule.

10. They won't get married until they're both financially free 

No marriage while poor. Pretty straight forward. Out-clause in case that guy stays poor. Good rule.

I thought I was going to be a hater, but this girl has it figured out. Give her your phone, location, and don't cum unless she says so and you'll be happy forever!