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These Australian Girls Going To Their First SEC Football Game Has To Be The Biggest Culture Shock Imaginable

I don't know if there's an event that more succinctly represents American culture than a college football game. It's got everything: American football, intense tribalism, making a massive spectacle of something for no reason at all, copious food and alcohol, etc. The works.

So for someone coming to the United States from abroad, I think this is one of the best things you could possibly see to get an idea of how we like to get down here in the US of A. Six or seven days a year, we take an institution of higher learning where people study to become doctors and engineers — I'm obviously speaking generally, not about the University of Alabama — and turn it into a lawless breeding ground for debauchery. And it's amazing.

These girls went to a meaningless non-conference game, too. Somebody get them on campus for a big-time SEC game and their brains might explode. What they saw was just those fans getting back into the swing of things.

I'm sure they were also curious why Alabama plays a song that explicitly says it's about Tennessee during every game. Unfortunately for them, nobody can really answer that.