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Sean Strickland Is Beating Up UFC Fans Before He Fights Stylebender On Saturday

Sean Strickland is one of the most unique, eccentric, and absurd personalities in the history of the UFC - and this week, he's displaying that on the biggest stage possible ahead of his UFC 293 main event against Israel "The Last Stylebender" Adesanya.

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Just a few days ago, Strickland came out and said that his first fan interaction in Australia went awry real quick, when an Adesanya supporter approached him and said, "Izzy is gonna fuck you up!"

You might be able to get away with that to 90% of UFC fighters, but not Sean Strickland - who allegedly hit the fan with an uppercut to the stomach….

Dana White downplayed it later on, and said the UFC knew what to expect when they booked a Sean Strickland main event, but honestly - I don't know how true that could be. I don't think you ever know what to expect with Sean Strickland. I don't think his girlfriend knows, I don't think his closest friends know, and I don't think his boss knows. 

Strickland's got zero filter or hesitance to say/do anything, and bringing a fan on stage to "spar" him at open workouts this morning just proves that further….

This happening mere hours after Dana White said, "Yes - we have people around him now so he won’t be punching people in the stomach anymore. For fun or not for fun."

This isn't necessarily new for Sean, however - if you're a fan that wants to spar Strickland, I'm pretty sure you can just show up to his gym and collect an ass whooping whenever you want….

I wouldn't recommend it, but he's certainly willing to fight anyone, anytime, anyplace - including Bradley Martin, who Strickland says he'd murder with his bare hands if it were legal….

Again - Strickland has no filter whatsoever, for better or worse. Fight week is gonna consist of a lot of shit like this over the next three days, so strap in and enjoy the ride….

P.S. In my humble opinion, Adesanya's -750 line is right around where it should be. No disrespect to Strickland, but Izzy is just so much more technical on the feet - I think he's gonna pick Sean apart and finish him before the championship rounds. I like Izzy Round 1 +600, Round 2 +625, and Round 3 +675 on the Barstool Sportsbook right now.