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Real Madrid's New Stadium Renovations Include a Revolutionary Retractible Field That Looks Like It Was Designed By Tony Stark Himself

Soccrates Images. Getty Images.

Stadium porn is something else. For starters it's beyond fascinating to see how far we've come in terms of technology and architecture. When you watch the video below you'd think Tony Stark headed the designs. There's also the fact that these sort of blog typically do numbers. People just love to see this shit, so let's dive in.

Real Madrid's home field, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium has been their home since 1947. It's one of the most famous soccer venues in the world. While renovations have occurred since its creation, major changes were set to begin in 2017, but faced heavy delays from things obstacles like Covid. The finished product didn't arrive until this year, but it's fucking sick to see what they were able to achieve. 

The amount of revenue the club is going to generate from this will make it all worth it. From what I see the renovations here are going to run the team $1.1B, but future revenue will make the club buckets and bucks of money. They're going to be able to host all sorts of events throughout the year and have those transitions made seamless thanks to the retractible field. 

Obviously it's different building a place from scratch, but I find it hilarious to see that atrocity called MetLife Stadium cost $1.6B to just be that hideous. You've got Real Madrid whipping out this state of the art technology and transformation to retract their roof and field meanwhile MetLife just has four big screens in each corner of the joint. That's the big draw. Whoever created that stadium for $1.6B should be in prison. 

P.S. People might watch that video and think this new retractible field process is way too dramatic. Well think about the the Big Toaster in Arizona and how big of a disaster the field was last year when they hosted the Super Bowl. It was a fucking slip 'n slide. I wonder if they take a look into what Real Madrid just did and make similar changes. Maybe not a billion dollar change, but their process they currently have is clearly a problem.