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"If They Don't Win 13 Games, It's A Disaster" - Nobody Is Higher On The Jacksonville Jaguars Than Pete Prisco

On today's Pardon My Take... PETE PRISCO! The Senior NFL Columnist for CBS Sports joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter for his annual football preview to cover all angles of the 2023 season. Who are Pete's playoff picks? Who is going to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas? All of that was covered during this great interview.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, perhaps the most notable quote from Prisco came during this topic. Pete has the Jacksonville Jaguars, yes, the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS going to the Super Bowl?!?! Talk about a hot take. He gives his reasoning here...

"If They Don't Win 13 Games, It's A Disaster" is a real quote said by a real person about the JAGUARS! Listen, I know the Jags have tons of talent and a favorable schedule. But until they prove otherwise, they are still the Jaguars. 

This might be one of the boldest takes on PMT in a long, long time. Will it blow up in Pete's face, or will he be getting the least laugh on the way to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl?