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Dillon Brooks Waiting In The Tunnel Wearing Boxing Gloves After Getting Ejected Is The Most Dillon Brooks Move Of All Time

Ezra Acayan. Getty Images.

Dillon Brooks might be the best villain in basketball right now. When you add it all up from his affinity for punching people in the dick during games, dirty plays, everything that went on in the Lakers series in terms of talking shit and then running to go hide the second things didn't go his way, still signing for $80M when the internet said he was destined to play in China, to now getting boo'd at the FIBA World Cup

he's essentially running a masterclass on how to be a basketball villain. He's embraced it (even though last year he also blamed the media for making him a villain which was sad), and it's good to know that we can rely on him filling that role for the foreseeable future. 

Take today's game against Slovenia for example. After one of the weakest ejections I've ever seen

Brooks' night was over after a pretty effective 14 points on 5-7 shooting in his 28 minutes. SGA went nuts down the stretch to carry Canada to their first ever FIBA World Cup Semifinal

and since Canada won, you knew Dillon Brooks would be heard from at some point. He only does the dodging the media thing when he loses as a way to stay true to his villain form.

I mean that's about as on brand as it gets. Talks shit, gets thrown out, heads to the tunnel where he straps on some boxing gloves pretending to spar. I know the commentator talked about how their team mantra is "body blows" or whatever, but you know that's not all Dillon Brooks was thinking in that instance. You know in his mind he was telling himself he was ready to throw down. This is one of those moments that's truly perfect. The context around it, the player involved, all of it. A true example of someone who you hate if he's not on your team and you love if he is. The thing is, Brooks has actually been really good for Canada during this run so it's not like he's doing all this extra stuff while also stinking it up on the court. 

Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum you had Luka who was crying about fouls, crying about things being rigged, and storming off the court 

Oh well, there's always the Olympics!

Meanwhile, the FIBA Final Four is set

Team USA vs Germany and Canada vs Serbia. Both games should be awesome, and I think everyone wants to see Team USA vs Canada in the Finals given they've been the two best teams all tournament. I fully expect Germany to be ready to roll after they blew their 17 point lead to Team USA in the tune up game, and if FIBA really is rigged like Luka suggested, something tells me we're going to get that dream matchup.