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Doc Rivers And The Sixers Reportedly Having An Issue With James Harden Partying Before A Game Is Like Being Mad That The Sky Is Blue

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

To me, this is one of the best parts of a trade demand. We get to learn how everyone truly feels. 

Well, after Harden I'm sure made the Sixers fire Doc Rivers if they wanted to keep him (only to then immediately demand a trade anyway) combined with Doc basically coming out and confirming that he and Harden had issues when it came to his style of play and then immediately moving over to ESPN, to get a quote like that from Ramona Shelburne (ESPN) is the most predictable thing of all time.

I just have one question for Doc and any Sixers player that may have been upset with Harden going to the club before a game and not travelling with the team.

Have you ever heard of James Harden before? This guy?


Nothing, and I mean nothing stands in the way of James Harden and the club. Not a potential trip to the Finals, not a regular season game, not corona, not a playoff series, nothing. Hell, just this year he made sure to hit up Vegas in the time in between their first and second round playoff series. You know, when guys are probably locked in and preparing, Harden was slapping people outside of the club and it surprised exactly zero people.

What makes Harden unique though is that while this type of behavior might take away from a player's ability, with Harden it's almost like getting fucked up in the club is his superpower or his version of HGH. It levels him up. Getting mad that Harden parties all the time would be like getting mad that the sky is blue or that water is wet. What exactly did they think Harden was going to do while in Miami, not go to the club? Fly home with everyone on the team charter like a loser? Grow up Peter Pan, Count Chocula. 


But now that Doc got canned and Harden wants out, now we get all the juicy stories and everything that comes with it. I'd say this was probably Doc's way of lowering Harden's market value in retaliation for getting fired, but that shit is in the gutter right now anyway. Interesting how stories like this always seem to come out when things go south huh? We didn't hear anyone on PHI complain about this while Harden was dropping 40+ against the Celts in the 2nd round and I am certain he was partying before each one of those games. He was too good. 

While we're at it, I need more leaks. Give us more details. Why stop here? We all know Harden parties. That's old news. You know there are some good nuggets still being kept under wraps, and I say it's time for Daryl or Doc to release it all.