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Luka Doncic Hit The Refs And FIBA Executives With The Corrupt Money Sign Mid-Game Like The Giant Cry Baby He Is

I'm not anti-Luka by any means. Dude is good as shit, fun to watch, plus when he's a little fat it makes him even more enjoyable. But my God, this dude is the biggest cry baby in all of sports. When something doesn't go his way, he hits everyone with this move. No, man, they aren't rigging the FIBA World Cup quarterfinals against you. Shai is just that good. The dude whines more than Ronaldo, which is saying something. 

Dude misses a shot and immediately cries like my 4-year old if there's vegetables on his plate. It's fucking outrageous. Just play the game man. At some point we gotta say what it is. Luka is the biggest cry baby in sports. He doesn't stop. He goes to this money sign move and it's just pathetic. 

Slovenia lost but it wasn't because of the refs. Shai is just that fucking good. That's what it comes down to. While hilarious to immediately claim the game was rigged, Luka's becoming annoying as shit with all the crying.