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Worst Woman On Earth Claims That The Burning Man Floods "Weeded Out The Weak" So That The Hardcore Burners Can Finally Party

Source - Some “hardcore” Burning Man attendees have opted to stay on the muddy remains of Black Rock City and keep the party going — claiming that it’s a better scene now that the thousands of “weak” festival-goers who hit the road when the travel ban was lifted earlier this week are gone.

The mass exodus “weeded out the weak,” Sarah Jane Woodall, 46, told the Daily Mail.

Woodall — who is better known by her online fanbase as Wonderhussy — said the horrific conditions actually improved the experience by “distilling the attendance down to just the hard-core survivors.”

She noted that she planned to stay through at least Wednesday, but others told Live 5 News they may stay even longer as traffic snarled the “narrow two-lane highway” out of the Nevada Black Rock Desert, where the annual festival is held. 

Hell yeah, sister! Nothing like a flood of biblical proportions to weed out weak. Now you and your friends can finally enjoy hanging out in the desert like god intended - alone. I wonder if we could build a wall around them that way they never have to leave? We can give them everything they need to survive - drugs, peter pan syndrome, and a delusional sense of what it means to attend a bonfire in the middle of the desert. 

I guess the reason this irks me so much is because I hate people who gatekeep events under the guise of "preserving a community." Specific? You betcha. What I mean by that is that there are always groups of people who attend these events and pretend like they own them. "Wonderhussy" is a perfect example. Here's what she told The Post...

"This is my thirteenth time, and for me it was exactly what was needed,” Woodall said of her experience at this year’s Burning Man.

“It’s kind of a thing with veteran Burning Man attendees that you become sort of jaded, like ‘Oh, 13 times? It’s always the same thing, this is getting boring. Why do I do this every year?’

“I was having those thoughts earlier in the week, and then when it started raining, it completely changed the event for me,” she explained. “For me, it made it one of the best I’ve had because it was so interesting and it also weeded out the weak.”

For many long-time Burners like herself, Woodall said, there is a resentment toward the newbies. “Another complaint among Burners is, ‘Oh, these new people, they don’t understand Burning Man culture. They just come for the weekend, they think it’s Coachella, they’re half-assed partiers.’

“Well, all those people left as soon as they could.”

TL/DR: No one parties harder than Sarah Jane Woodall, 46 year old Death Valley-based adventuress who goes by the name of Wonderhussy. No one. Just make sure her wine is organic, her food is gluten free, and her glamper is cooled to a balmy 68 degrees. 

Was it overkill to call her "the worst woman on earth?" Probably, but I don't care. Self awareness is a dish best served cold. That and bragging about sticking out a flood as 73,000 people struggle to get back to their families doesn't make you cool. It makes you an asshole. That's all I have for this one. Thanks for reading.