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Jason Kelce Proves That Older Brothers Are Always Tougher, Suffered "Same" Injury As Travis While Setting Up A Bonfire And Didn't Cry About It

Tim Nwachukwu. Getty Images.

This world would be nothing without firstborns. I mean, sure, maybe the little brothers and sisters out there are the ones who bring some life and joy into the world. But without firstborns setting the tone and standard for everybody else out there, it would be a reckless abandon. Firstborns are driven, they are diligent, and they don't let anything get in their way of accomplishing the task at hand. Even if that means fighting through the same…ish injury that currently has your little brother listed as questionable for week 1 action in the NFL. 

Jason Kelce kicked a really heavy piece of wood while setting up a bonfire and he didn't miss a single game because of it. That man is as tough as they come. You ever accidentally kick a heavy ass piece of wood? Maybe you thought it would be a little more seasoned and dried out. You figure you can bend that split of wood like Beckham. But the moment your foot makes contact with it, you quickly realize that tree must have just gotten cut down 5 minutes ago. That wood is as green as they come, and that split weighs damn near 50 lbs. That would tear most people's leg clean off. It would be an impromptu amputation. But for Jason Kelce, it's still not enough for him to miss a game. 

So now Travis Kelce has a choice to make. Is he going to let a little hyperextended knee and bone bruise keep him on the sideline tomorrow night against Detroit? Or is he going to strive to meet the standard that older brother set and play through the pain? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. 

Either way, I bet that bonfire was a wonderful time. The crackling of the flames, the smell of the smoke permeating throughout the air, the warmth of the fire combined with an ice cold beverage. A Kelce family bonfire has to be an elite night.