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Do Not Fuck With Swifties: Taylor Swift Fans Are Flooding Soccer's Golden Boy Award Votes After Finding Out Alejandro Balde Said He Didn't Like Her Music

I live by a pretty safe rule here. Don't fuck with people who are so obsessed with someone that they can actually sway polls and outcomes. 

That right there is TERRIFYING. Hey, I don't mind the crying, but terrifying in the sense of there are millions of them out there. They will do anything to somehow find a Taylor Swift angle. Don't believe me? 

Now sure, Jude Bellingham should win this regardless. But this is a blood bath. 

[Source] - According to Tribuna, Bellingham previously held 30 percent of the public vote.

That is, until an old comment by Balde surfaced - helping Bellingham to shake off his competition. From 30 per cent of the vote, Bellingham is now claimed to have rocketed up to 89 percent.

That's a ridiculous amount. Now I should state there are two Golden Boy Awards. One is voted on by journalists, the other by fans. Bellingham should win both, he's gonna win the one by fans in a landslide thanks to Taylor Swift. There are certain people you just can't say you don't like. Taylor is one of them. You will be swarmed for days if not weeks about it if it goes public. I don't even know how Balde was asked about Taylor Swift. I admire his balls to say he doesn't like her music, but he's gotta learn how to play it better. 

So congrats to Bellingham on winning this thing easily. And a good lesson to all, don't fuck with Taylor Swift fans.