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Josh Richards (Aka "My Friend") And I Finally Reunited After Months Apart

There's legit nothing better than reuniting with an old friend. It's been months since me and J-Rizzle (Josh Richards, TikToker who's my good friend) had seen each other. Last time we were together that shit was a literal feature film. 

So when I saw him at the Barstool office, I couldn't help but let out a squeal. I had no idea he was even in New York City. He loves to surprise me with shit like that and never tell me when he's here. It's classic fucking Josh. You'd get it if you were his friend. Like I am. We chopped it for a bit on Barstool Radio. Talked about him dying his hair to my exact color. Talked about his cool new leather pants that I'm going to buy tomorrow. Talked about that time I was on Episode 1.5 of BFFs that never aired because Dave said "Tommy was so bad." LMFAOOOOO. Holy fuck that guy is funny sometimes. 

And also just to address the nasty little rumors, I WAS NOT CRYING. I don’t know why it looks like my eyes were all watery. That’s been happening sometimes and everyone says “Oh Tommy is crying! Let’s all laugh at him! What a weak, pathetic girl!” Well riddle me this, Batman. Why would I be crying when I’m sitting next to a really good friend of mine? Josh knows I wasn’t crying by the way. He told me afterwards he didn’t get why everyone was saying that. He knows I never cry. And he does like me. 

You can watch the full Barstool Radio here. I think Brianna hates Francis or something?