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FOOTBALL GUY: Dolphins QB Coach Was Forced To Spend Most Of His Days Lying Face Down After Detached Retina Surgery But He Still Managed To Watch Game Film

Nicky Smokes didn't want to give credit to his team's QB coach, but this is why football coaches are the best. If I have a detached retina, which I am guessing means exactly what it sounds like, your eye fucking falls out of its socket, I would never do anything ever again. First of all, how does this happen to a QB coach? Seems like one of the safest coaching positions out there, especially during practice. Maybe Tua's Taekwondo training got a little out of hand and he smoked his coach's eye right out. 

I am no doctor but wouldn't you think after those suckers pop out, you would want to lay on your back so they stay in? I guess these doctors want to say look down and this psychco wants to watch Tua try and sling it. It is even funnier that he still has like the hospital tag on his wrist at home he hasn't thought of anything else besides football.