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I Live The Most Miserable Sports Fandom On Earth


The Chicago White Sox and Northwestern University. Those are my two teams. Yeah, I love the Bears. Cannot wait for them to take the field on Sunday and *hopefully* start a new era where they're no longer the state of Wisconsin's bitch. Sure, PTSD has made it difficult to really believe in both the Bears and Fields, but I have a sneaky confidence about them this year and in the near future.

Can't say the same about my other two teams though. Those two organizations are DEAD.

One should move to Nashville, and I'm only like .0001% kidding there, which is WAY too much

The other should move to the Ivy League 

It's honestly horrific. Now I know there are like 12 people on earth who give a shit about Northwestern, let alone the White Sox, but the combination of off the field embarrassments paired with the embarrass product they push to their fans and consumers makes rooting for those two teams at once the worst sports fandom combination on earth.

Tell me what's worse right now?

Detroit? Na, Lions are alright and aside from the Malice at the Palace 17-18 years ago or w/e, there hasn't been any egregious off the field embarrassments. No hazing scandals or jersey cutting or crazy unionizations or players retiring because their kid can't go in the clubhouse or sexual assault scandals or anything like that. At least none that immediately stick out to me.

Detroit just stinks. So does Oakland. So does Cleveland. They all stink quietly though. 

My teams? They have constantly been in the news for all the wrong reasons. They can't just go 3-9 or 70-92 in peace. They have to drag their fans down with them. I am pretty sure they actively go out of their way to make their fans as miserable as possible. 

And they've succeeded. Ryan Field and Sox Park should be GHOST TOWNS moving forward, and as they should be. Frankly, I don't know what to do with my time now. I've taken up UFC, which is an awesome sport...but I don't feel any crazy loyalty or emotional connection to that sport. 

I'm a miserable mess and idk what to do, but the best thing YOU can do is subscribe to Barstool Chicago on YouTube