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'We're The Laughingstock Of College Football' - TCU's LB, Realizing What Shedeur Sanders, Travis Hunter And Colorado Did To Them On National TV

Hey, I applaud Johnny Hodges for taking some accountability here and not just blaming other shit. But don't worry Johnny, you're not the laughing stock for making the national championship, losing by 423 there and then giving up 500 passing yards to Colorado at home. You're not Shane Beamer. You're not Brian Kelly. You're not LSU or Texas Tech (lost as a 13 point favorite). You're for sure not Dabo and Clemson. You're not Florida. 

See it's not all that bad. Those were just laughing stocks I can list off the top of my head after week 1. Johnny Hodges actually takes responsibility, he's not blaming refs or hot dogs or doing NIL in God or whatever the fuck Dabo blabbers about. Head up because everyone gets their ass kicked by that Georgia team. Tough to do it during the national championship, but hey, you got there. That's a win in this scenario. 

Now you just gotta really hope Colorado wins like 8 games this year. Won't make this loss look as bad if they do that vs lose to Nebraska and end up winning 4 games. TCU is far from the laughing stock, they are just the most talked about team right now because of what Colorado did to them. I'd also advise your fans to not poke the best player on the opposing team going forward: 

That or at least come up with something better than 'overrated as fuck.'