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Kirk Herbstreit Says Ohio State Fans Are Psychotic On Social Media And They Make High School Players Not Want To Go There

USA TODAY- Kirk Herbstreit continues to call out the "lunatic fringe" Ohio State football fans on social media after the Buckeyes' 23-3 season-opening road win against Indiana.

Before the 2023 season began, the former Ohio State quarterback and current ESPN college football analyst called out the "15 percenters" on social media that "embarrass all of us as Ohio State fans," saying he doesn't care what that group thinks. And after the Buckeyes' first win in 2023, Herbstreit saw that "psychotic standard" out in full force again, especially toward quarterback Kyle McCord and coach Ryan Day.

"They are out of their minds," Herbstreit said of the "15%" of Ohio State fans on social media on "The Pat McAfee Show" Tuesday. "What they do is make players − high school players − not want to play for that program. ... They drive me crazy with everything they do."


First of all, Kirk Herbstreit, fuck off. You're an Ohio State grad and it's about damn time you start acting like it. I'm sorry we're not Iowa or Minnesota where going 9-3 and winning the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl is something you put in your scrapbook as the season of dreams. Yes, 11-1 is a failure of a year here in Columbus. The goals are and always will be (in order): Beat Michigan, Win the Big 10, and Win a National Championship. 3 for 3 is a great year. 2 for 3 is a good year. 1 for 3 and it better fucking be the 1st one we achieved. And 0 for 3 is a flat out FAILURE and I want the head coach under a microscope. If you don't like that, then turn in your diploma and get an honorary degree from Rutgers where you belong.

I'm sick and tired of the reactions I'm seeing from these complacent & SOFT fans trying to act like what happened this weekend was okay. Our offense looked like absolute dog shit against Indiana. Don't give me the "we won by 20 on the road against a conference opponent" bullshit. I say BULLSHIT! Watch the fucking game. And if you did do that, then OPEN YOUR EYES. We have the best receiver room in the country and we took no shots down the field. I swear to God I could call better plays than Ryan Day. Herbstreit over here bitching about Ohio State fans on social media, but the fact of the matter is Ryan Day needs to look at Twitter between drives and take some advice. 5 yard outs? Coach it's about to be 5 years and out for you if you don't beat Michigan this year. 

Anyways, this blog is not about that. It's about Kirk Herbstreit being so fucking dumb. The idea that Ohio State fans "make high school players not want to play for that program" is so wrong it's almost laughable to think that he was able to graduate from our such prestigous institution. First of all buddy, your son plays for Ohio State. It can't be that bad. And second of all, there has not been one player in the history of college football that has avoided going to Ohio State due to the fan base being too intense. You think Alabama fans don't overreact? You think Georgia fans aren't crazy? Every single college program has FANS, so give me a break. I'd rather have high expectations than be complacent with mediocrity. 

Kyle McCord needs to play better. Our quarterback play will either lead us to a National Championship or keep us from a National Championship. The Offensive Line needs to toughen up or Michigan will bully us again. 23-3 against Indiana is unacceptable. And Kirk Herbstreit is a whiny little bitch. These are all facts. 

Carry On.