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Game Notes Countdown To The NHL - #24 Columbus Blue Jackets

G Fiume. Getty Images.

NHL Team: Columbus Blue Jackets

Conference: Eastern

Division: Metropolitan

2022-23 RECAP: Pretty much what we expected from the Blue Jackets. The top talent on the team played well but the depth was a killer. One of the lowest-scoring teams in the league and also one of the worst defensive teams never bodes well for a good season. Once the injuries started adding up it was made clear it was time to look at the draft and the future.

Biggest Loss: Brad Larsen - The Jackets coach was gassed after another unsuccessful season and this is a significant loss because now Mike Babcock is behind the pine. We didn't even make it to training camp before the hiring of Babcock became a problem for the Jackets and its players.

Best Addition: Adam FantilliThe 3rd overall pick in this year’s draft is an absolute stud. If you want to learn about las year's Hobey Baker winner from Michigan make sure to check out our interview with him on Chiclets Episode #451.

2023-24 Outlook: This is my surprise team for this upcoming season… Now hold on, I am not saying they are going to be lifting any hardware but I am saying the cannon will be going off a lot more. How will the team respond to Babcock is the story, but there is too much talent on this roster to be bottom of the barrel. 

Player To Watch: Zach Werenski Chiclets Cup alumni are always on our radar, but after missing most of the 22-23 season, we expect the Baccarat legend to have a huge year. Let's hope NHL goalies will be easier for him to score on than Dave was in the goalie challenge.

2023-2024 Season Bet: Over 73.5 total team points -115.

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