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Game Notes Countdown To The NHL - #29 Philadelphia Flyers

Len Redkoles. Getty Images.

NHL Team:  Philadelphia Flyers

Conference: Eastern

Division: Metropolitan

2022-23 Recap: Mikey G. had it early in the season, tank and go for Bedard. They did not listen and did not really do anything of note besides upsetting the fanbase. In their defense, we did not get to see the lineup intact because of injuries with Couturier, Atkinson, and Ellis which was unfortunate. 

Biggest Loss: Kevin Hayes - Friend of the program so we need to make sure to get him in these blogs as often as possible. A true glue guy in the locker room will be missed by all the players and hopefully, this makes Torts a little less grumpy this year.

Biggest Addition: Keith Jones - Named President of Hockey Operations in May, one of the good guys in the game he will get the entire franchise turned around quickly.  He knows the city and has enough street credit to make the appropriate moves to get the club back on track. Listen to Chiclets' interview with him here.

2023-24 Outlook: This will not be pretty once again, but Torts’ intense coaching style will get them enough wins to keep them out of the top 3 of the draft once again.

Player To Wath: Joel Farabee - Going into his 5th year in the league, it's time for the 1st round pick from Syracuse, NY to really raise his game and get closer to being a point-per-game player. 

2023-2024 Season Bet: Unders all season and will definitely be fading them on the puck line here and there. 

Everybody Rides!!!

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