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Mike Tyson's Reaction To Watching Jose Ramirez Knock Out Tim Anderson Is Priceless

If this doesn't bring a smile to your face, then I'm not sure what will. The "ooh ooh ooh" when he sees them square up, followed by a lean back, laugh, and a hand raise to the heavens when Jose lands the right hook. A textbook example of game respecting game. The OG of boxing giving flowers to the new up and comer in the fight game.

Here's a quick reminder of the knockout for anyone that forgot what the greatest right hook in baseball history looked like:

I mean no offense to Tyson, he was good, but it took him 30 seconds to knock out Marvis Frazier. Jose Ramirez knocked Tim Anderson out in about 10 seconds. But aside from Jose doing the job in a third of the time, the similarities between the two are uncanny. Tyson probably saw a little bit of himself in that clip, which led to perhaps the most legendary call in all of sports media.

This will never, ever, ever, get old.

I'm not sure Jose nor Tim Anderson can do anything for the rest of their career that will change their legacy from first and foremost being remembered from this fight. But I'd have to assume that if either of them fall upon hard times, they can always take the Mike Tyson route of coming out of bankruptcy by scheduling a celebrity boxing match. Could you imagine a Jose Ramirez vs. Tim Anderson rematch in an actual ring? We're talking Canseco at Rough and Rowdy type money.