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This Guy Calling His Hole In One Is So Awesome

We’ve all made the same old jokes on the golf course. “If only I could hit it that far straight”. “Another day at the beach" when landing in a bunker. And the obvious hole in hole chatter. I distinctly remember guys in foursomes walking up to a Par 3 and saying “now’s my chance.” Or guys start talking about if anyone’s got a hole in one in their lifetime. Hell I’ve even heard that exact joke of “be quiet I’m about to drain this.” No one ever does it. Everyone laughs. Everyone sucks . It’s a way to keep it loose on the course with your boys. 

Everyone makes the joke, no one ever delivers. Except this guy. What a flex. What an absolute stud of a move. To have the balls to kind of be a douche to a degree telling everyone be quiet (and be serious about it not joke-y like most people are) and then come through on the promise makes him totally vindicated. Just an absolutely impressive move all around, especially if it was his first hole in one ever. 

Ps - If I know the golf Gods like I know the golf Gods, he took a 7 on the next hole. 

PPS- he better have bought the drinks.