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Healthy Debate: It's Okay To Remove Your Jacket As A Member Of The Wedding Party

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I don't know if you've heard, but at this point Rico and I are nearly best friends. So much so that we are frontrunners for the "Most Unlikely Duo" award at the Barstool 25th Anniversary Awards presented by High Noon to be hosted in Vegas. Before we get there though, Rico and I interact like coworkers now and what I find interesting is that we see eye-to-eye on a lot of topics, which might surprise some of you. However, we can also disagree without insults (or High Noon cans) being thrown. As Rico likes to say, healthy debate.

One such healthy debate arose the other day when Rico called out members of a wedding party for taking their jackets off. 

Truth be told, I knew Rico had this take because back before peace times, he publicly called me an animal at my own wedding when I went from this:

To this:

Fact is, I am part animal - part "party" animal. Just a little dad humor for ya. I never met a dance floor I didn't love and when you're out there giving it all you got, you're going to sweat. Leaving your jacket and tie on means you're only going to sweat more. Possibly suffer heat stroke and ruin the wedding for everyone. 

Which brings me to Rico's stance that I disagree with. 

Let's take each of his points one by one shall we?

A. It's a formal event, if not the most formal event , of your life if you are the one saying " I do". 

To me, a formal event means jacket on, tie buttoned to the neck, shoes shined, fresh cut, etc. Dress to the nines. Look the best you can. It's your wedding for God's sake. Part of a suit is the jacket keep the jacket on.

I agree. But only to an extent. I take issue with this for two reasons. First of all, I think this logic comes from a time when a wedding was a sit-down affair with some light dancing for about an hour of the reception. Somewhere along the way, let's call it the 90s, weddings took a turn to become full blown parties. So I agree that you should absolutely look your best for the actual ceremony. Which brings me to my next point. If everyone is sitting down or casually dancing with their jackets on, your wedding is going to be stuffy as hell. You know what most couples want for their wedding? A night that people remember being fun on a whole other level and a night their guests made lasting memories. You accomplish that by being on that dance floor letting it all hang out. Trust me, there is no better compliment than hearing your wedding was a very fun time. 

2. The bride is never going to spend more money or look more beautiful than that day. You are disrespecting her if you look like a slob. 

One could argue the worse you look is only heightening how the bride looks. I won't make that argument but any bride worth her salt is going to want people having a good time. See point A. If you're one of these brides who only cares about herself on her wedding day then that's probably not a wedding I'd like to attend.

D. Even if you don't agree with me and take your jacket off, don't ever, EVER take your shirt off at a wedding.

Ok this one I fully agree with. It's still a wedding and you can have an unreal time without turning it into a frat house with people ripping their shirts off because no one wants to see Uncle Tony in his undershirt. I say you can take it down one button and that's it - there was a point at my wedding that my buddies unbuttoned a few extra buttons on my shirt and I quickly re-buttoned because I was uncomfortable. 

So there you have it - you can absolutely take your jacket off but there is a line you shouldn't cross. Healthy debate.

P.S. Yes, I did use this blog as a reason to post pictures from my wedding because it was fun as hell, we had a great time, and yes my bride and I looked amazing.

P.P.S I got married in the Spring like a gentleman because weddings in the Fall are not ideal. 

P.P.P.S. I am happy to help anyone who needs tips on their wedding attire.