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The Totally Unscripted NFL Has Resorted To Trotting Out It's Golden Boy, Tom Brady, To Convince Us Further That It Is Not Scripted

The NFL is back with another spot trying to be cute and address all the heat that really started to flare up last season in terms of a loud public outcry about the league influencing games via terrible reffing assignments and horrendous in-game officiating. 

They ran this one two weeks ago, which I blogged, featuring several of the leagues young stars, the guy from Key and Peele, and some actors playing "script writers".

That was kind of surprising but not really when you consider the fact the NFL has half a dozen very high-priced PR firms directing it how to portray and carry itself so that it can keep sucking away every last dollar we have from us with no complaints.

Their latest attempt to quell the noise that they are selling us a bootleg product?

No big deal, just the greatest living human to ever step foot on a football field. Thomas Edward Brady. In a tongue-in-cheek ad that's not an ad but is really an ad, for a league that went out of its way to try to defame him, ruin him, and tarnish his legacy.

What the fuck is going on here?

This mother fucker Goodell, at the behest of slimeball owners John Mara, The Rooney Family, and Jim Irsay, went out of his way to drag Brady's name through the mud. What started as an invalid investigation into deflated footballs, turned into a witch hunt where Goodell deemed himself judge, jury, and executioner, after hiring a corrupt and disgraced attorney, Ted Wells, to "investigate" the matter "independently". The entire thing was a farce with the sole intention of hurting the Patriots, Brady, and most of all, to take the public's eyes off of something that was actually important, the onslaught of informational studies coming out linking the NFL to major brain damage and CTE. 

Brady was the fallman. The patsy. Because he was the only name big enough, who played on the only team big enough, to justify taking over the backpage of newspapers and the top of the hour of CNN for months on end. 

It is as sickening now to rehash as it was back then to witness.

It's even more disgusting that Brady, obviously a much better man than any of us, has been so quick to let go of any grudge held for the league and henchmen that did him so dirty. 

To see him carrying water for them now, in ads to help push the product and relieve any doubts the public may have is such a slap in the face. 

After going out of its way to insult and try to get under his skin-

Brady deserves better than being guilted into doing bullshit like this. Because even with him preaching that the league just lets the guys go out and play every week, and lets the chips fall as they may, we're still not buying it. They could have put a fucking microchip in the footballs ten years ago to tell if the ball has crossed the goalline or not and they haven't. Tennis is judged entirely by computers that can see to the fraction of an inch where a ball going 140 mph lands in or out of bounds. The league could employ the same technology for its sidelines and they could have done it years ago. 

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

Instead we have buffoons like Ron Torbert out there every Sunday making "judgement calls" and taking 20 minutes under the hood killing any and all momentum and crowd interest, but providing plenty of commercial time, to tell if a guys toes dragged in bounds or not. There's a reason we have part-time refs, full-time insurance salesmen doing this shit and not robots or guys whose sole and only job in life is officiating football games. Not like its a billion-dollar industry or anything.