Dave Portnoy Just Yelled At Me For Not Blogging Over The Weekend

Dave isn't wrong. I should have blogged over the weekend. I'll absolutely be blogging during this weekend especially with the NFL season kicking off. But there was still baseball being played over the past weekend. There was stuff to write about. No excuses. I need to do better.

I'll still defend my tweet and I'll chirp at someone if I think they are being shitty. Being that ignorant when people just lost their jobs was pretty lousy to me. I disagree with Dave's comparison here. I wasn't calling the Mean Girls out in that tweet for anything but being inconsiderate. In fairness to Jordyn, she seems to acknowledge it.

I'm not going to follow a hierarchy of who can and who can't call out shitty behavior. To Jordyn's defense, she did apologize pretty quickly. I'm guessing the varied responses to her tweet helped with that. I don't mean shitty troll tweets but honest and legitimate ones. 

Dave's absolutely right that I am expendable. I do love working here but I can't even call that an insult. If I wasn't here tomorrow, no would miss a beat. By the year 2026, I'd be the one of the answers to a Dozen facemash of forgotten people who used to work here. That's assuming people remembered to even put me in there.

I don't know if this shows how stupid I am but I don't regret my tweet at all. I do regret not blogging over the weekend but not my tweet. I also did a rant on the Rundown that might get me in more hot water. No idea. But I still think it was the right thing to say at the time. I'd also tell Jordyn and Alex the same thing to their face and would have today. 

I may disagree with Dave on that but he's also the guy who bought his company back for a $1. He's playing chess while the rest of us are playing checkers. I'm pretty stupid and sometimes need a kick in a head. Blogging on the weekend went from being something I absolutely should have done to something I absolutely will do.