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Jackson Holliday's Hotel Wouldn't Give Him A Room Because He Looks So Young

The hotel managers down in Norfolk have been watching too much "Home Alone 2", they are NOT getting fooled by a kid with a Talkboy. This ain't their first rodeo and they aren't going to have some meddling kid wondering around their hotel. But when you're just 19 years-old and have played in 4 levels of minor league baseball all within 1 season you should be able to do what you want.

I get that Jackson Holliday is the best player in minor league baseball and will be making his MLB Debut next year, but he still had an issue getting a room in his new AAA city. He does look like a baby, it's crazy that he should be taking a nap at preschool but instead he's making his AAA debut. Again, he's 19. Insane. 

He's not built like a 19 year-old but he's got the babyface. So I get why it would seem suspicious that he is trying to check into his room. Apparently it's a VA law that you have to be over 21 to get a room, so even if you signed for a $8.5 million signing bonus but aren't 21 you are out of luck. Tough draw for the future MLB stud. 

I also have to imagine the balls on the hotel worker to not allow Jackson Holliday to get into his room. What does he have to do? Get his dad to come stay with him? Bunk with an older teammate? He and Colton Cowser gonna share a room with 2 queen size beds? He's going to make his MLB debut at 20 years old but isn't allowed to have a room by himself at a hotel. What a world.