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'I Think It Starts With Roger' - Sean Payton Doesn't Trust That Coward Goodell One Bit, Pretty Clearly Still Hates His Guts

[Source] - "I'm cynical when it comes to New York," he says.

Before the Broncos hired Payton, we had last caught up in early 2022, just after the Saints had commissioned a study of penalties drawn by each NFL team over the previous four seasons. New Orleans ranked 30, 31, 32 and 32. It seemed impossible to believe, with Payton's high-flying offense and passing-friendly rule changes. The data concluded that the Saints were the only team in the bottom five in penalties drawn for four straight seasons since 2006. That year is symbolic to Payton. It's when he was hired by the Saints -- and when Roger Goodell was elected as NFL commissioner. "The irony of it f---ing all," he says.

Payton presented the penalties study to the league. There was no response. "I think it starts with Roger," Payton says.

Goddamn, Sean. Hopefully he doesn't backtrack this like he did his Nathaniel Hackett quotes, because this one is perfect. He's obviously talking about all the penalties, bounty-gate and everything else that happened with the Saints. But this is cleraly him openly admitting he doesn't trust that dictator one bit. How could you? Why would he? There's not one single person in the NFL who should trust Goodell. The dude presented a penalty study to the league and didn't get a response.

Who the fuck doesn't respond to a study? You put a study in someone's face and they are going to respond. Except one man: 

Getty Images.

You don't think Sean Payton hates Roger Goodell? Exhibit A, commentors: 

Dude was suspended a full year for the bounty stuff. Goodell turned a blind eye and stayed silent on this no-call: 

NFC Championship. Chance to seal the game. Might as well tuck the flags away in that moment! Saints fans don't forget. They fucking hate Goodell. They stand with Payton even though he's with the Broncos now. There's no shot that they just sit back and laugh about it all. 

I hope Payton never shuts up. Keep calling out Goodell for his bullshit. Call him a coward. Wear the shirt, you can buy a new one just in case your body is a little different now: 

Just keep letting the world know you fucking hate his guts and don't trust him. Never forget he's a man who was afraid to honor a bid for charity. Charity! It starts at the top, Payton is right there. Coward.