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Tom Allen Is Pissed Indiana Plays This Friday Because Friday Nights Should Be For High School Football Only

Listen I can't agree with much that Tom Allen has to say after watching his offense set the game of football back 100 years on Saturday against Ohio State, but this is one thing we can see eye to eye on. The people that don't understand this will never understand this, so I won't even try and change their mind. If you grew up in a state where you had multiple options of what to do with your Friday nights, then make sure you stick your pinky out as you drink your French Martinis at Happy Hour this weekend. But here in the Midwest, high school football is a way of life, and I'll be refilling my red solo cup before the big Pick North vs. Pick Central game on Friday.

The fact of the matter is there's only a handful of things I'm truly passionate about in this world enough to actually protest, and one of them is these damn television networks sticking their noses into places where they don't belong. Conference realignment and ending regional rivalries is a disaster, but the idea of taking homegrown fans out of the community stands on Friday nights is a flat out tragedy. Indiana vs. Indiana State playing this Friday is disrespectful, but the fact that Michigan St hosts Penn State on a Friday night in November, during the high school playoffs (state championship weekend in Michigan, I think), has me sick to my fucking stomach. All to make a couple bucks, and the kids get hurt by it the most. Sad. 

Now, as for this weekend, it is entirely possible that the Big Ten Network thought that Indiana vs. Indiana State was a high school game and this is not greed but more of a clerical error. I mean, Tom Allen is the equivalent of a high school coach and he's coaching the equivalent of a high school program that runs a high school level offense. Seriously though, St. Ed's from Cleveland lines up against the Hoosiers: who you taking?

I'd have to go with the Eagles on this one. They're bigger in the trenches and probably have the coaching edge, too.

Okay, I'm done knocking Tom Allen. Indiana stinks but he's 100% right here. He spent 15 years as a high school football coach, so he gets it. Friday Nights should be for the hometown pride and high school games.