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VIDEO: Bunch Of Dudes With Boats Move Floating Island

Lake Chippewa, aka the Chippewa Flowage, was created in 1923, by flooding a large swamp. Soon after that, many of the peat bogs started rising to the surface and became perfect growing spots for plant seeds carried by wind and wild birds. As the years passed, plants from grasses to trees began to grow and their roots actually caused these floating bogs to grow. Today, they vary from the size of a parking space to several acres, with the largest of them, the so-called “Forty Acre Bog” on the west side of the lake featuring mature trees. Almost every year, dozens of local boat owners team up to push it away from a bridge connecting the East and West sides of the lake. 

I know this is not recent, but the fact that every couple of months a lake community in Wisconsin has to band together to move a giant floating island is amazing. I know that technically it is a bog that has plants and things growing above it, but this would be the perfect place to start a sovereign nation undisturbed by the government. Just put a couple of huts out there, and have enough boats to control where it is at all times. Then just make it the ultimate chill spot, and if the cops show up, outrun them on your island. Who do you pay taxes to if your property is always on the move? The bog is protected because many indigenous species live there, so the locals can not just break up the 40-acre bog to prevent having to do this every so often. I would love to go camping on this bog. Seems like an amazing bog to chill on.