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The Top UFO Journos in the Country Made Some Mind-Bending Claims on Joe Rogan

Drew Angerer. Getty Images.

The center of this picture is US government whistleblower David Grusch testifying earlier this summer at the congressional UFO hearings. Seated over each of his shoulders are arguably the leading UFO investigators in the country, journalist George Knapp and documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. Between them they've broken tons of credible, blog-worthy accounts of UAP phenomena, not the least of which was introducing the world to Bob Lazar, who has claimed, among other things, that he was hired by the Defense Department to study the propulsion systems of downed alien aircraft at Area 51 in an attempt to reverse engineer them for military use. 

I bring this up because the two of them just made another visit to Joe Rogan's podcast to recap the hearings and provide updates as to where the whole investigation stands and where we are in terms of learning the whole truth. Here is a just a portion:

Let me be the first to admit - actually, let me make that the fourth to admit, since all three of them mentioned it as well - that there's a sort of UFO fatigue setting in. Eyewitness testimony under oath is great. Nose camera imagery from our most advanced military aircraft are terrific. Reports from multiple naval vessels of prolonged encounters with flying objects are super duper. As a judge once said, I'd rather rely on 10 separate bits of circumstantial evidence than one piece of direct evidence, because with each one the chances of them being right increase. 

But like they say, eventually enough is enough and you just want to see the damned flying saucer and the aliens' bodies. That's the point I'm at as well. But since that's not going to happen any time soon, we go with what we have. 

That said, Knapp and Corbell make some wild assertions that, if they are only 0.1% true, are enough to prove everything we know about everything is entirely wrong. Among them:

--When Grusch had seen enough evidence of a UFO coverup to file for whistleblower protection, the intelligence community did its own investigation that included interviews with over 40 people. And immediately labeled Grusch's account as "both credible and urgent." 

--Grusch faced reprisals for coming forward, including published reports that he has mental health issues. Those issues? PTSD stemming from his time fighting in Afghanistan. Which he has discussed before and gotten treatment for. That's how dirty these shadowy government figures are willing to play to keep their secrets. 

--During the Glasnost period of the Soviet Union, an agent smuggled information to US intelligence indicating that not only had the Soviet air force engaged with UFOs, but that their aircraft were disabled and taken down, resulting in the death of at least one pilot. Until the order was handed down not to take these things on, since there's no way to defeat one. 

--In the 1960s, a Naval Academy textbook included an entire chapter on UFOs that made absolutely bonkers claims. Including, though not limited to, the fact there had been over 50,000 serious reports of sightings. And that there are four distinct species of aliens that have been living on Earth for thousands of years. That among them are the so-called Greys, Tall Whites, and Reptilians. 

--Which led to a discussion of the most wild theory I've heard recently. That there are reptilian Lizard People, possibly living on the moon, either the far side or in underground facilities. And that they created our species basically as livestock. That they feed off of our suffering. And that all the troubles of the world can be traced to them. For instance, that they have been present at the start of all our wars and other conflicts, because our misery is their fuel. (Which was actually the premise of an episode of Star Trek: TOS, except the alien was a formless, glowing light instead of a lizard. 


--Another hypothesis they discuss is one where these big geckos actually selected homo sapiens to win out over other hominids like Neaderthals. Which explains how, with all the other primates still around, they're gone and we're still here. And I'll add there's another related one that suggests the Lizard People brought us here from another planet, which explains why we're so ill-suited to this one. How we're the only species that gets skin cancer from the sun, needs clothes and shelter, and gets bad backs as we get older. Because we were created to live on a planet with less solar radiation and less gravity. And should've evolved to have none of those problems, like every other living thing on this godforsaken rock. Here's a video outlining the Reptilian moon alien theories. Somewhat long, but well presented and very much worth it. 

--Once again we hear how these UAPs seem to be drawn to nuclear weapons. How the US Navy conducted an experiment where they made 18 cruises of a nuclear-powered ship carrying nukes, and it was closely followed 18 times. 

--And because of this connection between these craft and our nuclear defense - including reports they have reportedly shut down our missile silos, rendering our deterrent threat useless - they posit the theory that the reason the government won't come clean on all of this is because they're focused on keeping it as secret as possible so we can develop the same technology. Specifically, before Russia or China does. Because whoever gets it first wins. Wins what, exactly? Pretty much everything.

--Beyond that, Knapp, Corbell and Rogan get into the incident involving the swarm of "pyramid" shaped drones around the USS Omaha battle group, despite the fact it was too far in the middle of nowhere for them to have been drones. Whether what we're all witnessing are not beings from another world, but us from the future, coming back to study ourselves like time-traveling anthropologists. How the human brain has doubled in size in the cosmic blink of an eye. And how far, how fast, AI is going to take us to the point we don't recognize ourselves as the same species any more. Personally, I spend 20 minutes on TikTok and I think that moment is already here. But I prefer to listen to actual experts on these matters. And these are the best out there. 

So sure, I've got UFO fatigue too. But since this is the most important topic in possibly the history of mankind, all you can do is keep digging.