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Jerry Jones Will Do Whatever He Damn Well Pleases: Admits He Made The Trey Lance Trade All On His Own Because He's The Owner And GM

Fuck yes, this is why Jerry Jones needs to be around the Cowboys forever. Openly admitting he has all the info, can do whatever he wants because he's the owner and GM is perfect Jerry Jones. I know trading for Trey Lance is basically whatever. You're getting a backup quarterback who was drafted 3 overall for next to nothing. Except the whole Dak Prescott thing: 

Yes. This is exactly what I was hoping for going into the season and the eventual Cowboys choke job. I know, I know. They'll make the playoffs. Great. That's when it really kicks in. That moment the Cowboys line up a running back at center or Dak throws a god awful pick. Those are the moments we're all really just waiting for. It doesn't matter if the Cowboys win 8 or 13 games in the regular season. It's about the moment Twitter comes together and celebrates like Dabo Swinney just lost again. 

I need to know the information Jerry had though. I assume - and i's a safe assumption - he had someone Wikipedia Trey Lance and saw he was the number 3 pick. That had to be it. He's not crunching tape to see if Lance has the mechanics to work out. Probably just went yep, good with me. Send in the trade. Then Mike McCarthy took a break from his morning pop tart and nodded along saying good job boss. Anything to keep the job. 

I can't wait for all this to backfire and see Jerry just place blame on McCarthy or his son.