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People Aren't Talking Enough How James Franklin And Penn State Just Appallingly Changed College Football, Gambling, And Sports Forever

Incredible. Actually unbelievably incredible. For reference, Penn State was ahead by 16 with the ball under a minute left in the game. They could've done what has been done 95% of the time in football at every level since the dawn of the pigskin and taken a knee a few times and called it a W. 

However, James Franklin knew the spread. He knew the over. He knew his team wasn't covering and the under was in play. 

This wasn't a situation where Penn State had to score to win. In fact, THE SCENARIO DIDN'T EVEN CALL FOR THEM TO RUN ANOTHER PLAY. James Franklin BLATANTLY had his 2nd stringers rush to the line to attempt the score and therefore cover the spread for PSU and the over. Now who's to say a booster or few at State Penn might have had a couple bets to open the season? Reality, probably. But at least before it was kind of hidden with a *wink, wink* or random player going rogue for a big play/score. This was so obvious James Franklin (allegedly) needed his team to cover the spread and/or the over to hit there's no other reasonable explanation. 

Go ahead. Please try to rationally explain. Do it. 

Keep on keeping on, NCAA. Not like people are gonna want to go Apple picking every Saturday during the Fall. Ya still got everyone by the balls. Remember when they used to pretend it was about the students and academics? Yeah. Whatever. At least nobody pretending by pissing down legs and saying it's raining anymore. They're just straight up saying it's a Category 5 Golden Shower.