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It's Only Right That Illinois' Basketball Team, Loyola Chicago, Is Kicking Off Barstool's Invitational Tournament, After Sister Jean Did The Unthinkable And Got Portnoy To Like Her Again

Well, well, well would you look what we have here...

Portnoy buys back Barstool, takes a look over the P&L's (actually this time) for the first time in years, and realizes it's time to start generating revenue. 

Bringing the Barstool Invitational to Chicago and the beautiful new(ish) Wintrust Arena is a great start. Even since before we actually had a Chicago arm of the company here, Chicago has always been a hotbed for Stoolie support. There is no doubt in my mind we pack Wintrust Arena to the brim on November 8th based on just that alone. 

But Dave's no fool. He knows to always hedge his bets. So what was the second thing he did after moving the tournament to Chicago? 

He brings in the #1 draw in Chicago, the state of Illinois, and all of college basketball for that matter.

Yah, you guessed right, Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, BVM. 

Guessing that ever since Sister blessed Dave with good fortune back in 2020, and he's had nothing but success since then, he woke up and opened his eyes to her holiness. 

This is like when The Grinch's heart grew 3 sizes!

Giphy Images.

Sister Jeans puts  ̶a̶s̶s̶e̶s̶ butts in the seats!

And you can bet your fanny that this place will be slammed with Sister's Loyola University of Chicago Ramblers playing in front of a hometown crowd versus 3 safety schools. 

If Coach Drew and the boys aren't raising the trophy at the end of this tourney I will be extremely disappointed. 

If Frank doesn't make the trip out for this and get a meet and greet with Sister I may denounce my degrees. 


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p.s. - obligatory reminder that Loyola University Chicago is the only college basketball team in the state of Illinois to ever win a National Championship. (1963)