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Mark Titus, please save my career

The adventure begins again.

Hi, I’m Brandon Walker. You may know me from such Barstool Sports shows as Mornin’ Sunshine, Rasslin’, Walk The Line, Double Play, and many, many more. The one thing those shows all have in common? Fun. They were all fun.

The fact that they were all eventually canceled due to viewer indifference is another thing but whatever.

Anyway, I’m back with my latest attempt at being 1/100th as successful as Big Cat. 

This time I’m leeching onto the rapidly fading Mark Titus, trying to siphon off the last bit of relevance he has so I can boost my personal brand.

This morning, we announced that the debut episode of Mostly Sports will drop Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 10 eastern/9 am central. The show will also be available in podcast form in case you want to keep your main browser open for the glimpses of porn you sneak in between your arrival and your first coffee dump of the day.

Please subscribe to our YouTube because goddammit if this one doesn’t work, I’m going to have to join Crackin’ Aces.