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A Teacher Kicked Off The School Year By Flawlessly Rapping A Busta Rhymes Verse During An Assembly On The First Day Of School

For all my life, all I thought about is how kids had to bring the thunder on the first day of school in order to set themselves up to maybe move up a tier or two on the Cool Rankings. Obviously the baseline was to wear the best outfit you bought for the school year, show up with a fresh haircut, and rock a backpack with the best school supplies your parents could afford.

But it never dawned on me that teachers were probably doing the same, or at least the ones that cared what a bunch of idiot kids thought about them. Which is why I have to tip my cap to Mrs. Bearden going word-for-word with Busta Bust in her THIRTY SEVENTH YEAR teaching. Going on stage and getting your Mintzy by going word-for-word with one of the fastest rappers in hip hop history is a move that a first year teacher or even T.A. would do in order to endear themselves to the student. However I think it's pretty clear that Mrs. B has been on the Cool Teacher list since she started slinging knowledge almost four decades ago. 

That's a teacher you can build your staff around if you are a principal or your schedule around if you are a student. I'm sure everyone with an older sibling in the school knew that was the case and now all the kids who were there for that impromptu concert or whatever the hell this school throws on Day 1 knows as well.

P.S. I love that song so much other than the fact it is by a legitimate scumbag

P.P.S. I remember my parents saying this was the best commercial ever back when I was a kid and now it makes perfect sense why they loved it so much now that I'm adult considering it took me more than an hour to write this two paragraph blog since I am home alone with my two kids who both start school this week and are spending their last day of freedom pissing off each other as well as me.