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"I Don’t Wanna Play For The Raiders If That’s My HC or GM" - Chandler Jones Lost His Shit On Instagram Earlier While Complaining That He Can't Get Into The Team's Gym

What the fuck is happening in Vegas right now? I feel like McDaniels isn't the most liked over there at all. This brings me back to my point where every single celebrity needs a common sense man. You see the first story go up, you take his phone and delete that in two seconds. You are getting paid way too much money to have a public outcry. That shit is never going to go your way. Imagine being Jones' agent and opening your phone to see this shit show? 

It isn't any secret that McDaniels isn't the most liked guy in the world, but to publicly go at him can't be the answer. This isn't Magic Johnson calling out Paul Westhead. You're not getting anything done but bringing this out to the public. Whatever it might be about. Still not sure what that is to be honest.  

I want to get to the bottom of why he wasn't being let into the gym. I feel like there is so many people he could have called to let him in besides the GM or coach. You mean to tell me one of his teammates couldn't just let him in? 

The story gets even crazier because to me it seems like the Raiders are calling Jones' baby momma about the Raiders which doesn't make any sense, but my favorite part is the ending text. He was sending a text to Josh McDaniels telling him how it's a shame that a guy like him has 112 sacks and can't get into the gym. I agree with Jones here, let the man get in and do his work, but my god maybe my side business should be common sense departments. I have an app where athletes have to go through a "are you sure you want to tweet or Instagram this" process. During that you there's a help line where someone can help talk you through the situation so you don't make it worse for yourself.