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A Spanish Influencer Is Getting Cancelled For Swimming In A Deadly And Forbidden Cove All For A New Post On The Gram

Source: She was up s–t’s creek on social media.

Another day another influencer putting their life on the line for TikTok likes.

This time, Spanish social media star Marina Rivera Saldaña found herself in hot water online after swimming in a cove where bathing has been banned following a rash of deaths.

Better known as Marina Rivers online, the bikini-clad influencer frequently uploads pics and videos of herself at exotic locales to her Instagram, X and TikTok pages, where she collectively boasts over 9.5 million followers.

In a recent photo-op, taken on August 31, the bikini-clad social media uploaded photos of herself taking a dip in the Sapphire waters of the El Tancón cave in Santiago del Teide, Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

While certainly, alluring on camera, the idyllic blue lagoon is reportedly off-limits to tourists due to its “bufadero,” a natural chimney-like formation with unpredictable currents that’s difficult for rescue teams to access, Tenerife Weekly reported.

As of 2021, six people have reportedly died in the cove, including Swiss native Jasmine Ben Ali, 33, and Giovanni Rodríguez, 27, from Italy, who all drowned in the pool, Jam Press reported.

Save our influencers! Our nation's most precious resource. You think miss Marina Rivera cares about a little danger sign? Do danger signs have as much aesthetic as a forbidden cove? Didn't think so. I'm Barstool's premier (only?) Spanish employee so it's up to me to translate her caption. Simple, she's saying she's a little mermaid from Makoo. No idea where Makoo is but no objection here. 227,000 Instagram likes and counting is worth ignoring these signs: 

Now, I could sit here and talk about the actual dangers of the cove, and that it's taken the lives of six people since 2021 who have all drowned after a strong current, or the locals getting upset at tourists using their land for some Instagram clout. But that's not why you're here, and honestly, what's the point? Are you going to ever find yourself in Tenerife remembering about a blog you read from Barstool's robot? Instead, we owe it to our newly found dangerless Instagram queen to showcase the exact reason why she's got 9 million followers across all platforms and has never strayed from a good photo op. Enjoy!



Lost in paradise indeed.