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Is Tom Brady Joining The ManningCast?

I do not know how these 3 will be able to sit on the same broadcast and be chill without some beef breaking out. Its the ultimate rocks paper scissors. Eli Beats Brady, Brady beats Peyton, and Peyton Beats Eli because he's the older brother with more records and 3-0 vs Eli. Brady is 11-6 against Peyton with more Superbowls, Eli is 3-2 against Brady (2 wins were Superbowls). I want these 3 to start beefing hard in the booth. There is also totally a chance that Brady is not on the Manningcast at all. But if he is it would make for amazing TV. There are only 2 dudes on earth who probably can gang up on Brady and give him shit and its Eli and Peyton. Brady appeared on the Manningcast last year and it was very entertaining. Having him there in a full time role would be electric but probably way too expensive to possibly happen. 

Brady was a little dry in the beginning but you could tell he was still in football mode. Also after watching the BALCO scandal documentary on Netflix, Brady was 100% on some performance enhancing substances. The post retirement Brady may loosen up way more. Imagine if Brady starts flipping off the audience on national TV like Eli?

Within the first 10 mins of his appearance Brady threatened to spill the beans on the worst Peyton stories his ex coaches have told him after Peyton claimed he was chasing his ex coaches. 

It would be amazing TV (Editor's Note: if Fox Sports didn't pay Brady a bazillion dollars to work for them instead).