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Matthew Perry's Move To Walk Out Of The Nike Store In A Completely Different Outfit Is So Insane You Have To Respect It

Page Six- Matthew Perry stopped at a Nike store to get a full-on wardrobe makeover on Aug. 27.

The “Friends” star was seen arriving at Los Angeles shopping center The Grove looking extremely casual in a pair of wrinkled blue sweatpants and a gray long-sleeved shirt.

He also sported a backward red baseball cap and sunglasses.

It appears Perry wasn’t too satisfied with his garments for his day ahead, however, as he emerged from the athletic shop in a brand-new ‘fit soon after.

Upon his exit, the “Whole Nine Yards” star was photographed wearing a loose, black Nike polo and matching shorts.

However, Perry, 54, did choose to keep the black Nike shoes and baseball cap with which he walked in.

I didn't expect to be writing about Matthew Perry's wardrobe on a Tuesday morning but here we are. First off all the power in the world to Matthew Perry for being in a much better spot in his life after openly talking about his problems in the past. Always good to see people recover and be healthier and safer. Now with that said, this is an insane move. Insane. 

It's astonishing to walk into a store and be so enamored with the clothes you literally walk out of the store with them on. Even as a little kid it's a wild move. Mom wouldn't let you put it on in the store and walk out that's crazy. I would call it a rich person move to a degree but that usually only applies to suits or blazers or if you want to get custom fitted for an event that night. If I was so rich I could walk into a store and essentially have them dress me for a Gala or a Debutant Ball or whatever other $2500 a plate affair I would take it every day and twice on Sunday. Can't fault people for using their money for convenience. The bizarre part here is that he didn't decide to do this at Tom Ford, Gucci or Prada .. he did it at Nike.

Makes me wonder why exactly he was so compelled to change his clothes in the store. Did he walk by and say you know what I want to eventually go for a run today and I forgot my clothes? Did he have a commercial shoot for Pickleball he forgot about? Or did he just feel the fabric and say this is a must have? Also what did he do with the clothes he was wearing? Absolutely BIZZARE situation and move from Matthew Perry.