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Bring This To America: Lyon Players Were Forced To Stay On The Field After Losing 4-1 And Listen To Their Fans Berate Them

I fucking love this move so much. You think you can play professional sports, stink it up and just go hide in a locker room? Not when you play for Lyon. Not when you play for noted physical sport and non-flopping soccer. We need to bring this to America. I'm not talking about hiding behind Twitter or social media or any bullshit like that. I'm talking about getting a microphone, looking the team you support in the eye and telling them to wake the fuck up and stop embarrassing everyone. 

There's something beautiful about a slightly porky, for sure out of shape guy screaming about defiling a jersey. There's nothing better than sports fans. This is what it's all about. Pouring your heart and soul into a bunch of men you don't know and then berating them after a loss. The best part?

They lost to PSG. Welcome to the Ligue 1, I guess? Now, sure, Lyon is currently dead last in the league after 4 matches but hilarious to get up in arms after the PSG loss. I need to know how the players decided to just stand there? I mean you're making millions of dollars (euros, what have you) just wander back to the locker room. The only thing I can think of is they know soccer hooligans don't fuck around. Someone in the stands was in charge of taking attendance and you can't be left out. 

Bring this to America. Again, not social media, putting your voice on a microphone and berating the players.