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Worst Teammate Of The Year Decks The Everliving Shit Out Of Her Cycling Partner In The Middle Of A Race

First and foremost, let this be a lesson that any sport can be considered a contact sport with the right attitude. 

Secondly, there has to be more to the story here. We need to get to the bottom of this. Did the chick on stage left bang the girl on the right's man? Did she forget to wish her a happy birthday? Did she not use a coaster the last time she went to her teammate's house and then left a cup ring on her brand new wooden table? There are plenty of reasons why for the girl on the right would want to absolutely bundle her own teammate in the middle of a race, but very rarely do you see it actually happen. 

Naturally the story here is going to be that it was an "accident". But that sure as shit didn't look like no accident. She lowered her shoulder and laid the boom. She took a quick peak back to see the damage and then just kept on pushing. Don't you think that if that were actually an accident, she probably would have stopped to help her teammate? So either it wasn't an accident, or she just doesn't give a flying shit about her teammate. Either way, tough look. 

And that, my friends, is why it is as clear as the day is long that triathlons need enforcers out there. Even if it's your own teammate, you have to answer the bell for a greasy hit like that. Shit like this would never fly in a hockey game. You can't go around truck sticking other racers into the fence like that without having to fight. That's how the game polices itself.