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Game Notes Countdown To The NHL - #30 Arizona Coyotes

Jeff Vinnick. Getty Images.

NHL Team: Arizona Coyotes

Conference: Western

Division: Central

2022-23 Recap: The new arena is awesome…. but it's smaller than all the college and junior rinks the guys played in before coming to the Desert. It did however prove to be difficult for visiting teams to play in because it feels tighter and was extremely loud. Check out the Arizona State portion of the Arena here.

Clayton Keller was an absolute beast for the team last year with 86 points and showed he was worth the high pick and sat down with Chiclets this Summer so you know a Chiclets Bump is coming.

Biggest Loss: Christian Fischer - It feels like he's been in Arizona since Biz played there, so losing one of the stable pieces of the always-unstable franchise hurts.

Best Addition: Alex Kerfoot - Has always put up decent numbers playing behind superstars in Colorado and Toronto and this will be his first chance to be the go-to guy. Come trade deadline time he could bring back some nice assets to the Yotes.

2023-24 Outlook: 7th or 8th in the Central and will have a chance to pick in the top 3 again at this year's draft, the only question will be what color suits will the brass be wearing.

Player To Watch: Sean Durzi - Right-handed D-man was traded from L.A. after putting up 38 points last year playing behind Drew Doughty, can be a real game-changer for the Desert Dogs.  


2023-24 Season Bets: When Biz's Yotes play at home against teams coming from Vegas the night before they will be on our radar to take a shot on the Moneyline.

Everybody Rides!!!

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