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Fan At The US Open Ejected After Apparently Yelling "The Most Famous Hitler Phrase" - His Date Appears To Have Stayed For The Rest Of The Match

Wild late night scenes at the US Open as a fan in the middle of the 4th set between Zverev and Sinner apparently shouted out "the most famous Hitler phrase there is in the world." Alexander Zverev stopped play just before serving to point it out to the umpire to have him ejected. 

With the help of ESPN's Brad Gilbert and some of the surrounding fans, they appear to have got the guy. 

Looks like his date decided to stick around for the rest of the Sinner-Zverev match and I don't blame her one bit. 

I mean through her point of view 1) you can't be further associating yourself with a guy shouting pro-Hitler phrases in public like that 2) it's a great, late-night match. No brainer to stick around as opposed to walking out with Hitler guy. 

That clown aside, this is a great match that's going to a 5th set as I type this. Both guys physically just withstanding a war out there doing whatever they can to get to the quarters. 

Super late matches that cross the 1:00am EST mark are the best at this tournament. Aside from the Hitler guy, fuck the Hitler guy. 

Update: Zverev outlasted Sinner in 5

P.S. Dave was sitting right behind the baseline for the first set, lost Sinner first set ML, and bounced. The man has a company to run he can't be spending all night here.  I think the professional photographers took more pics of him there than Aaron Judge. 

Gotham. Getty Images.