One Of Us! Tennis Star Daniil Medvedev's NYC Hotel Doesn't Have ESPN Anymore So He Said He's Going To Try And Stream Today's Matches Off A Pirate Website

Mike Stobe. Getty Images.

Daniil Medvedev is quite the character. Any time that man is on the mic during an interview or press conference he speaks his mind as honestly as possible and gives you gold. Last night after his four set victory of Alex de Minaur he was asked if he'll watch any of Tuesday's matches. He reminded everyone that Spectrum has currently removed ESPN from their list of channels because of their dispute, so he'll have to do whatever it takes to get his eyes on Shelton/Tiafoe. 

One of us! One of us!  I wonder how skilled this man is in the arts of pirating illegal sports channels. I'm just picturing Medvedev, a man with over $30M in career earnings, putting his screen right next to his eye as he tries to spot the tiny red x's so he can click out of the five popups. Sure he can break a serve at will and hit shots you didn't think were possible on the court, but can he successfully navigate the interwebs to pirate sports games? Gonna need a follow up tomorrow. 

As a Fios man this hasn't troubled me, but a whole lot of people in the city have Spectrum. We've got Jets/Bills on MNF a week from today. Are those people really gonna be shit out of luck for that? Missing tennis is one thing. Even college football is whatever this early on. But once you start impacting week 1 of the NFL that's it. You're going to have a full-on revolt on your hands if Charter Communications and ESPN don't get their shit together. The city may tear itself apart. Figure it out Spectrum. 

Also if Mark Cuban or the FBI are reading this blog just know we were all having a laugh and none of it was serious. Never streamed anything illegally, that's disgusting.