An Ex-High School Teacher Stormed The Field At His Former School's Football Game Before Getting Laid The Fuck Out And Arrested

CBS- Police in Brentwood arrested a former staff member at a Heritage High School football game Friday evening. Carlos Hurtado, a 27-year-old man from Oakley, had previously received a trespass admonishment to stay away from the school campus.

On Friday, at approximately 7:25 p.m., police officers were alerted by the principal and attempted to approach Hurtado. Hurtado fled on foot in an effort to escape the officers but was ultimately tackled by bystanders within the football stadium, Brentwood police said.

It has not been confirmed why Hurtado's employment was terminated and why he was banned from visiting the school campus.


I always thought that high school football games were always the best (legal) fun you could have on campus while growing up just because of everything that came with it. The electric atmosphere gripping the town. The cheerleaders. Rooting for your classmates as they play the best sport on the planet.

However as great as that all is, nothing could possibly compare to watching a banned teacher storm the field in a full suit then take a clothesline from hell that'll have him drinking his meals from a straw for the next week. Especially if he was a dickhead teacher that nobody liked. No offense to the football team of Heritage High School, but there is nothing they will be able to do this season that will cause the crowd to make that kind of sound. This kid in the black knows what I'm talking about.

It was always weird seeing your teachers outside of school or even at school events wearing civilian clothing with their families since we all thought for years that the teachers essentially lived in the school and their entire lives were devoting to teaching. But to see a teacher ignore a ban from a school and make a scene at a football game is a memory nobody will ever forget. Hopefully he has feeling back in his face (unless he was fired for some fucked up shit. If so, I hope he goes on the PUP list of unemployment).