And There It Is…The Italian Water Taxi Has Permanently BANNED Kanye West After He Allegedly Got His Dick Sucked In Public…Proving Yet Again KFC Has No Idea How Anything Works

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So last week Kevin Clancy posted this video

I honestly watched it twice because after the first time, I swore I missed the part where he mentioned how savage Kanye was for getting topped off in broad daylight in one of the most tourist dense places on Earth.

But nope.

KFC completely whiffed on it.

How could he be so oblivious to something so obvious?

Aside from being insulted and disgusted at Kanye's utter disrespect for Italy, this was just salt in the wound. Not since Dave Portnoy made a mockery out of Italy and set the culture back decades with his little pizza tour last year, has the country suffered so badly in the media spotlight.

Well, they put their foot down over the weekend.

Daily Mail - Kanye West and his Australian 'wife' Bianca Censori have been banned for life by a Venetian boat rental company following their indecent exposure scandal in Italy last week.

The couple sparked controversy last Monday when they were spotted enjoying an amorous moment on a water taxi in Venice, with West exposing his bare buttocks in front of gawking tourists. 

Images of the couple showed the American rapper, 46, seated at the back of the river taxi while his Australian so-called bride, 28, placed her head in his lap.

Venezia Turismo Motoscafi, the company that rented the boat to West and Censori, have since spoken exclusively to Daily Mail Australia and confirmed the couple are 'no longer welcome' aboard their boats. 

In its statement the company condemned the pair's bawdy activity, while confirming it was 'completely unaware' what occurred on the boat when the photos were made public. 

'On board, the driver had to keep a lookout for traffic and did not see these obscenities. If this had happened, he would have immediately disembarked and reported the transgressors to those in authority.'

'In addition, there was a third person on board the taxi, who accompanied Mr. and Mrs. West, who obstructed the captain's view to the stern in any case.' 

The third person was a woman who has been pictured chaperoning West and Censori during their Italian holiday.

Elisabetta Pesce, councillor for public security in Venice, told MailOnline: 'Without any shadow of doubt what we saw from the couple was a lack of respect for Venice, which is the most enchanting city in the world.'

Kanye is a lot of things. Musical genius. Piece of shit human. And now we can add creep to that list. Yes, I understand that fetish and kink shaming isn't cool, but this is fucked up. This wasn't some Saturday night special he picked up on Vernon St. in the seedier part of Worcester for $20. This is his new wife he made suck him off in front of thousands of people in Venice. And having that "tour guide" play blocker for them shows this was all well thought out and orchestrated. 

But as scummy as Kanye is, KFC is even more dumb. Remember, this guy not only didn't realize this public felatio was occurring, he was indignant towards the dozens of people who were telling him about it and calling him out for being oblivious. 


Well now you have your evidence and facts Mr. Newsman. 

The Italians are fucking furious and banning Kanye from the Grand Canal 4 life.

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And the police are now investigating which could lead to indecency charges.

Daily Mail - Police are investigating Kanye West and his 'wife' Bianca Censori after they were caught on camera in a compromising position during their Italian holiday.

Now MailOnline can exclusively reveal that police in the lagoon city - popular with British holidaymakers - have identified the driver of the taxi they were on.

He is expected to be questioned in the next few days about what exactly he saw on the boat and police are also asking for photographers to hand over the images that went around the world.

A Venice police source said: 'There are standards of public decorum that have to be followed by tourists and locals alike and any breaches are severely punished.

'The images of West with his trousers down while in a taxi as he and his partner crossed the lagoon were seen all over the globe.

'You could clearly see his trousers were half down and we have received complaints from people who witnessed it. Now we have identified the driver of the boat and we will be asking him what he saw as well.

'The images show the couple clearly in a state of intimacy and if the local prosecutor decides to press charges then we will notify the couple, most probably through the relevant embassies.

'The offence being investigated is acts contrary to public decency which is punishable by an administrative sanction.'

Nail in the coffin Kevin. When can we expect your retraction and public apology?