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Jim Harbaugh Was Adamant During His Press Conference Today That There Is No Offense Or Defense, There Is Only "We-Fense"

The man is an endless supply of quotes. Regardless of what side of the fence you fall on, we can all agree that Saturday had to have been a weird day for Jim Harbaugh. I can’t remember the last time this guy spent a college football Saturday on his couch watching a Michigan football game with his offensive coordinator. It had to have been a surreal experience.

I’m very excited for the Jim Harbaugh suspension to be over. I’m excited because I’m looking forward to Michigan having our head football coach back. Still, by the time he returns from suspension, Michigan may actually have a few meaningful games on the schedule. The dominant effort against East Carolina on Saturday was a very workmanlike, glorified exhibition. I expect more of the same this Saturday against UNLV. 

Michigan’s coaching carousel will continue on Saturday. Jay Harbaugh will be Michigan’s head coach for the first half, with Mike Hart being their head coach for the second half. Nothing makes me feel like an old man more than seeing Mike Hart potentially be a head coach for a college football team one day. Mike Hart played at Michigan about a week ago. God, time flies. All of these are just glorified auditions for these assistant coaches. The one downside of maintaining a really good program is that you often lose good coordinators. That’s been the case for Michigan over the last several years, and I’m sure that will continue. 

As far as the "we-fense" quote is concerned, it's just vintage Jim Harbaugh. I wonder if he pre-prepares these quotes or if he comes up with them off the cuff. If it's off the cuff, that's pretty brilliant improvisation on his part.

We're always victims of the moment. I've seen many people try to act like Harbaugh's suspension will be a distraction for Michigan in the early part of the season. We are one-third of the way through it, and I've noticed no issues. This is a tight-knit group. I'm not going to make any predictions about where they will end up in terms of record, but what has happened with Harbaugh will have zero impact on the rest of the campaign. This is a really good squad with a really good coach. No storm needs to be weathered here. It's all about we-fense.