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Shane Beamer Blaming South Carolina’s Loss On The Chain Crew Eating Hot Dogs Is Why They’ll Always Be A Loser Program

I’ve had a bit of a rivalry with South Carolina over the years. Tends to happen when they love to talk shit and lose way more to Kentucky over the last decade. But this? This is embarrassing. This is an embarrassment not just for South Carolina, the Beamer name or Darius Rucker. He embarrassed the SEC. 

Everyone knows boys in the SEC like to eat. That’s not why you lost to North Carolina on Saturday night. You lost because you’re not that good. Inflated by a beneficial schedule a year ago, Spencer Rattler and South Carolina has expectations. They will fail to meet them. I’m calling it now. 

Hilarious spin zone though. The chain crew eating hot dogs is a tradition. What do you want them to eat? They weren’t going to help you out. Neither was that annoying ass rooster. Embarrassing man.