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There's Speculation That Patrick Kane Will Sign In Detroit Once He's Recovered From Hip Surgery And I Want To Puke

A tweet from a guy who says he knows a guy close to a guy who said he heard from the guy that he likes playing with Alex Debrincat. Not a ton to go on, but it's Labor Day and Patrick Kane is a free agent so here we are. 

I'll be the 1st one to say that the Red Wings rivalry has lost steam for me. I "hate" them out of habit and tradition, but it's not a rivalry that burns in me. I think it's our parents' rivalry. For people my age the Blackhawks were the nail and the Wings were the hammer. Then we had two playoff series in our golden era before the Red Wings scampered off to the Eastern Conference leaving us on an original 6 island in the West. Playing two times per year doesn't allow for proper hatred to fester. And even when the Wings were the big brother, the hammer, they didn't have a group that brought out that bitterness from me. It's hard to hate Yzerman, Lidstrom, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg. I had a much easier time hating those Vancouver teams with Kesler, Burrows, the twins, Bieksa, and Luongo. 

Having said that...this is a familiar nightmare. My childhood fandom was punctuated by seeing Chris Chelios win a Cup in Detroit. The last thing I want to see is 88 wearing a winged-wheel sending cookies over to Debrincat as the Wings finally get back in the playoffs. Puke. It's plausible. It makes sense. It just also makes me sick. 

If it were up to me the Blackhawks sign to a reasonable 2 year deal, slap the C on his chest, and have him break every record in franchise history as the team climbs back up to the playoffs themselves.