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We Are About To Determine The Best Individual Trivia Player At Barstool With A New Tournament

Who do you have in the Final Four from this bracket?

Who do you have winning it all?

Starting Monday, September 4th, we will begin releasing two matches per night, Monday through Thursday at 7|6c for the entire month of September.

The matches will be released here on Barstool Sports, as well as our new YouTube channel for The Dozen!


Here are the rules for this tournament:

  • 12 categories & questions per person
  • 30 seconds per question, with no steals
  • Each person picks 8 NICHE categories, their best categories
    • They then select 4 of those 8 to repeat twice
    • The repeating questions will show up with a "harder" difficulty
  • Three chances to Double Up questions per player, per match
    • One Double Up must be saved for the "harder" difficulty categories

Here is the first round schedule:

  • 11-PFT Commenter vs. 22-Tommy Smokes, a rematch of The Dozen: Trivia League Season 2 Championship, is a great first match to get things going.
  • We got ourselves a Mets fan battle with 9-Glenny Balls and 24-Frank the Tank! Can Frank right the ship after a tough Season 3?
  • An old-man match is on the table with 12-Large vs. 21-Klemmer.
  • The potential Mariano Battle looms in Round 2 with 13-Gia taking on 20-Rudy, before 4-Fran takes on 29-Feits. If both sisters win, they will face each other in the following match.
  • 3-Brandon vs. 30-Rico doesn't need much of a tease. It has been a testy offseason for the two on social media following their showdown in the Season 3 Championship in Chicago, with Rico & Team Minihane taking the title.
  • The ANUS boys, 15-KB and 5-Nick Turani both play on the same day, and they have an amazing mix of niche categories.
  • Can 32-Will Compton shock the world with the biggest upset in the history of the world, as he takes on 1-Kirk Minihane?

We are excited to give you this Tournament as a little preseason hype as we lead up to Season 4 of The Dozen: Trivia League kicking off with the Play-In Tournament in October, and then the regular season in November.